Popular Destination for Studies is Scotland


Scotland, a country of British Isles, was found to be having the most number of advanced degree holders in the entire continent of Europe. In addition, it has many world-class universities such as the University of Glasgow, the University of Aberdeen and the University of Edinburgh, among others. For instance, in the THE (Times Higher Education) World University rankings for the year 2011-12, five of the 20 institutions of Scotland were ranked within the top 200.

More importantly, its education system is distinct when compared with rest of the UK.  Unlike England, it along with Northern Ireland had voted to stay in the European Union, implying that it was not against foreigners studying in the country. Apart from the 15 universities, it has 43 colleges which impart higher education.

Scotland offers Saltire Scholarships for International Students looking to study there. These scholarships are available only to students of four countries, which are China, Canada, India and the US. British Chevening Scholarships are also given to students applying for a Study Visa in Scotland for pursuing postgraduate education.  These are the reasons why Scotland Study Visa is preferred by a lot of international students.

Overseas consultants make your travel needs achievable


Travel is one aspect all walks of life would like to have an experience of it at least once in a lifetime. These days the numbers are significantly increasing for all those who have the flare to make it to the destination on a Tourist Visa along with their families. Factors that they consider are first affordability and safety. And fast paced processing time.

These days when the U.S is making changes to immigration procedures’ obtaining a Travel Visa for the USA has turned out to be a little rigorous. With the H-1B facing new regulations and restrictions which do not mean traveling into a country that has been a dream destination would be impossible. Career consultants have the best alternatives to counsel you the Types of Visas for the USA.

Every individual makes plans and seeks help when they intend to have their career-related plans to be placed in a right direction to reach the pinnacle of Top Careers. The help you will receive will serve every purpose may it be travel, study or even work requirements. Contact Y-Axis the world’s trusted and best visa and immigration consultant.

Career counselling will help you to discover your potentials


Choosing a right career for all those who recognized their potentials and abilities is a basic necessity. The fact of the matter is career development is a lifelong process. There are a few factors that influence career which are interests, personality, values, and circumstances. Career Counselling has got more to do than just helping you decide what do next. But it is to make you knowledgeable and skillful to have a better future and broader prospective for a brighter career.

At times career counseling involves in conducting tests which can be both personal and even aptitude. This gives the counsellor a better understanding about individual capacities from which unique qualities are identified through counselling sessions consecutively.

Career counselling makes the student to recognize the various courses available and the life after the completion of the course, thus enabling the student to make an informed choice which will further on help the student to avoid the risk of change which he or she may regret in the later part. Even when there are any misfits the career counsellors helps a person to organize themselves where they can work upon their weakness. The end result is to present you with unique qualities and unprecedented results.

When a right choice is made it leads to an individual’s success level. Career counsellors are every ready to extend emotional and psychological support. They have this strong sense of compassion and commitment towards helping people find answers related to career ad future. Above all, you will find that exuberant support system as you take this challenging and life-changing vocation which is surprisingly rewarding. Clients who can be students or Job seekers learn to make decisions with ease and confidence related to individual careers.

To be specific Career Counselor in Pune has catered to clients encouraging them to work on their weakness and translate them to strengths. They have the experience of working with individuals and groups as well. They realize the prominence of their values and experiences that clients come up with. They all provide options based on family interests and understanding. Lastly, this sort of a holistic approach has always resulted in defining the right goals in the right direction.

Career counselling Pune has made for itself a mark amongst students and working folks. Amidst of muddled enticing opportunities, they have made absolute prudent situations feasible. After evaluating the abilities and one-one sessions a mutual decision is taken. This best suits the candidatures profile, limitation, and interest.

A true gift of modern technology which saves time and makes things absolutely accessible is online career guidance. It can be either on Skype or even over the phone this is most preferred scientific procedures used by clients majorly. This big advantage makes career counsellors available according to the availability of the client, even if both the entities are geographically apart. End of the day the purpose is met, the results are absolutely comprehensive.

The fact is that Career Development is a lifelong running procedure which is appropriate to every individual. Bring your intentions and plans to the world’s best visa consultant and immigration expertise. We recommend you to visit our Pune office at Connaught place. We will be there to understand your every career need.

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Securing Ireland short stay work permit


For an Ireland Work Permit of six months or lesser, applicants need to pay €500 fee. For a work permit of six months to two years, they need pay €1,000 fee. Here too, unsuccessful applicants will get back 90 percent of their fees.

To apply for an Ireland Work Visa, applicants should have got job offers. They are allowed to apply for employment permits themselves or their employers could do it on their behalf, but they cannot apply through recruiters or other third-party people. Employers are allowed to pay for the cost of the permit. For applications rejected, 90 percent of the fee is returned to the applicants.

Individuals must apply online and the processing time of Critical Skills, as well as General Permits, is about eight weeks usually.

To allow the hiring of appropriately qualified people from non-EU countries for skills where shortages are severe, Ireland has introduced the Working Visa and Work Authorisation Scheme. This scheme allows applicants with job offers from Irish employees to get immigration and employment clearance beforehand from Embassies and Consulates of Ireland. The new scheme is not a replacement but is a quicker alternative to the procedure of the work permit which is till available to Irish employers.

Employment Permits are issued for Dependents/Partners/Spouses Employment Permits. In the case of dependents, they should have arrived in Ireland before they were 18 years old. If the principal employment permit holder is a Green Card Permit holder, a Critical Skills Employment Permit holder, or a Researcher, then they would not have any labor market tests, they would not be charged for work permits and there are eligible for all jobs.

To Work in Ireland, one must mandatorily have a PPS (Personal Public Service) number, which is a unique reference number. This is used by employers to make on the behalf of their employees the needed tax and social insurance contributions. PPS numbers are also used when availing social welfare and health benefits.

One must apply for this number through the Department of Social Protection. Since PPS numbers are issued by all social welfare offices, applicants must contact their local social welfare office to know where they should go.

To be eligible to obtain a PPS number, one must demonstrate a requirement for having one.  It normally takes applicants five working days from the date of application to get a PPS number.

If certain applicants have received qualifications in a country other than Ireland, the qualification’s nature and the country where it was received matter. With the qualification received in a country other than Ireland, it is possible to get it formally recognized in the Emerald Isle. If applicants harbor any doubts, they could contact Quality and Qualifications Ireland, which links overseas qualifications to Ireland’s closest comparable qualification. This agency provides service free of charge.

If you are planning on Working in Ireland, get in touch with Y-Axis, a very prominent immigration consultancy company, to apply for a visa from one of its several global offices.

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Invest to gain Irish residency


Ireland, located in one of the westernmost parts of Europe, has the distinction of being the only English-language speaking country in the Schengen zone.

Originally, the country whose economy was predominantly agrarian underwent a sea change to become a new economy driven by knowledge since the 80s. It has been able to attract several top international companies, so much so that Forbes named it as the best country to do business in 2013.

In addition, it has a workforce which is highly educated and corporation tax rate, which is one of the lowest ones in the world. This has led to Facebook, Google, Intel, Dell, Pfizer, Apple, Johnson and Johnson and so on to have major operations in Ireland.

All this has been possible because Irish governments encourage entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to set up shop in their country. Of course, there are certain set guidelines that the country expects investors to follow. Investors are granted visas under various schemes, including the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme, Immigrant Investor Programme and the Business Permission Programme. People from European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss citizens need not have to obtain a Business Visa of Ireland to enter and do not need a business permission to float a venture here.

Immigrant Investor Programme allows people from outside the EEA to invest for up to five years, which can then be renewed. Immediate families of investors have also issued visas and the investors are given permission to enter and exit Ireland unrestrictedly. The investors must see to it that their business create jobs for local Irishmen and also be contributing positively to the country. But the prospective investors cannot borrow funds to make an investment. That money should have been legitimately earned by them.

To be eligible, there are certain criteria under this program. Here are they are:

  • It should be a once-off endowment of minimum €500,000 to a public project that benefits arts, culture, education, health or sports. If pooled by at least five investors, the endowment could be brought down to €400,000.
  • It should be at least €500,000 total investment for at least three years into existing or new businesses in Ireland.
  • It should be at least €1,000,000 investment over five years in an exclusive low-interest immigrant investor bond.
  • Or
  • It should be at least €500,000 in a managed fund from which they would be invested in projects and Businesses in Ireland.
  • It should be a mixed investment comprising at least €500,000 in immigrant investor bonds and €450,000 in a property.

 STEP (Start-up Entrepreneur Programme) also allows people from outside of the EEA to invest at least €50,000 in an innovative project in Ireland. The main object of this scheme is to encourage and promote entrepreneurship which will introduce a range of innovative services or products to global markets, are headquartered in Ireland with major operations there, have an able management team with experience of leading operations, should be able generate sales worth €1 million within three to four years of starting operations, have the ability to create 10 jobs for Irish people and must not have had more than six years of operation.

Under the STEP scheme, catering, retail, personal services or similar businesses will not be covered. Unlike the immigrant investor program, no job creating targets are set in the beginning as it is understood that these businesses will take the time to breakeven.

People found ineligible for the STEP program or those wanting to start a business in sectors such as catering, retail, personal services could apply for business permission. A written permission obtained from the Minister for Justice and Equality, business permission allows people to do Business in Ireland for certain duration. But certain firm conditions need to be met if one has to apply for business permission.

They include:

Investors need to put in at least €300,000 of their own money in Irish business, they need to employ at least 2 Irish or EEA/Swiss nationals or keep employment stable in an existing business, their business must contribute to the country’s trade activity and competitiveness and they need to prove that their venture is a feasible trading activity and provides them with enough earnings to take care of themselves and their dependants without needing to take any social assistance or working in any other  activity.

Investment and employment requirements do not need to be met for artists such as artists, writers or craftspeople. It needs to be, however, proved that applicants are renowned in their field.

If residency applicants prove to be successful with the STEP Programme and the Immigrant Investor Programme, then their immediate families will be granted two years initial residence, which can then be renewed for three more years. Five years after this, investors will then be eligible to apply for a long-term residence.

If you are looking to Migrate to Ireland on an investor program, get in touch with Y-Axis, a prominent consultancy company, to apply for a visa from one of its several offices.

Criteria for acquiring long-term Schengen visas


Multiple entry national visas (D) are issued to foreigners who are students wanting to pursue studies in one of the countries in the Schengen zone as per international student exchange programmes or the exchange programmes for students that a higher educational institution which operates in a Schengen country and an overseas higher educational institution or admitted to regular or non-regular studies of a higher educational institution functioning in a Schengen country, where the duration of the studies requires at least 160 academic hours per every six months. The visa (D) in this case is issued for a duration of only up to one year.

They are also given to foreign nationals who are students and have been admitted to the continuous full-time studies in a higher educational institution running in a Schengen country and have submitted documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit in the same country. The visa (D) here is granted for a period of only up to six months from the date of submitting an application for obtaining the temporary Residence Permit in a Schengen Country.

Eligible also for the visa (D) are foreigners arriving in a Schengen country for teaching assignments at higher educational institutions or for undertaking research at the higher educational institution or research establishments. Here, the visa is granted for a maximum period of one year.

For foreign professional sportspersons or coaches coming to Schengen area to participate in sports-related activities, the Visa (D) is issued for a period of not more than one year.

For foreigners who are artists coming to one of the Schengen countries to participate in professional activities, the visa (D) is issued for a maximum period of one year.

For foreign sailors arriving by ship to this territory, the Visa (D) is issued for a maximum of one year.

For foreign nationals holding a job, which is in the shortage occupations list of a particular country in the Schengen zone, the visa (D) is issued only for a period of maximum six months from the time of filing an application for the grant of the temporary residence permit in that country.

For overseas citizens who need to visit a country in the EU or EFTA  regularly to work or participate in any legal activity the visa (D) is only issued for a period of not more than a year.

Certain foreigners whose Schengen Visa expires during their stay can stay, provided they have contracted the illness or a severe health disorder or physical ailment.

When foreign nationals arrive in this zone for a long-term stay, if their supporting documents have been found valid, the visa (D) is only issued for a maximum period of one year.

An application form that has been completely filled up with one recent color photograph in the specifications provided by the mission, reservations of airline tickets, proof of hotel reservation, a copy of foreign medical insurance policy, which is equivalent to €30,000 with validity in Schengen area. It is suggested that applicants also carry the original insurance for the purpose verification when they submit their Visa Application Forms, cover letter from applicant, detailing  the exact reason for the visit  and the period of stay in the Schengen area, an official letter from the applicant’s indicating the true purpose of travel, the proof of designation of the applicant, the monthly income of the applicant and the applicant’s  employment proof of the past six months before travel, including a letter from the employer, pay slips and so on and personal bank account statement of the applicants of at least the  last six months.

In addition to all these, the missions may at their discretion ask the applicants to furnish any other documents they feel that the need.

If you need to go to a country in the Schengen zone for business purposes, get in touch with Y-Axis, one of the prominent Immigration Consultancy companies, to apply for a visa from one of their many worldwide offices.

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Acquiring a Job in Singapore is Made Easy by Job Consultants in Chennai

Acquiring a job in Singapore is made easy by job consultants in Chennai.

Singapore a renowned model for civic governance and discipline has made the city one of the richest, known being modern and a great mixture of old and new cultures has attracted people from across the globe to be one of the best options for working. Work life here is extremely instantaneous all you have to apply is deliver your best ability added with western quality. You will excel in every Endeavour of yours in Singapore.

The work ethic here is a great mixture of talent and vigor. The opportunities are unlimited were the employer and the employee share a win-win situation at the workplace. You will learn to live the expectations set and gain competitive advantage with greater productivity. By large every company here is competitive and well organized.

Employers have invested for training and hiring fresh talents across the globe. Apart from opportunities, there are funding programs and work-life grants. Such beneficial programs are in the buckets of Singapore job consultancy in Chennai who have the best handy information to help you with eligibility, time for processing, interview schedules and the final release of letters.

If you have the experience and the relevant documents in place and you look for a change generally the dependence is either a newspaper or a generic random search online. There are scores of opportunities which wait for you in Singapore; all you should be doing is looking for a consultancy in Chennai for Singapore jobs.

Singapore is lenient extremely pro-foreigner and amenable towards the new visitors who make it to Singapore for work. The city has always been strong economically and has offered the best quality of life for foreign workers.

When the opportunities are many employers depend on various resources to attract skilled working force. Suitable candidates look for hiring agencies that help aspirants in finding the right job. Companies take the help of placements consultants as in when there are openings. Consultants use their database and organize a preliminary screening and then schedule apt time and dates for the last rounds of interviews with the employers based out in Singapore.

Job consultants identify a suitable candidate through their interpersonal skills, communication skills, and work experience thus far. Moreover, the job seekers are well informed about employer needs and eligibility in advance. Each level of the interview is well planned and organized. Even after the completion, job consultants make it a point to follow up constantly regarding the progress and status of the interview.

The fact of the matter is job placements consultants are the best reliable resources for aspiring job seekers to find a suitable job and well deserved salary compensation. If you have plans to migrate and looking out for the Best Job Consultancy in Chennai for Singapore which is also renowned as the world’s best visa and immigration consultancy Y-Axis would cater to your every career plan and wellbeing.

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