Visa for visiting Australia

Visa for visiting Australia

The Australian Visitor Visa (sub class 600), which allows people to visit Australia for leisure or for doing business, is granted for up to three months/six months/one year. The base application fee for this visa is $135 to $340

Eligible for this visa are people who want to enter Oz as a tourist, for doing business and to visit friends and family who might be living there.

If you are a tourist in Australia, you can enjoy the beaches, nightlife in cities or even wildlife tourism.

While in Australia for doing business with this visa, one can participate in transactions, but must not work for or be partially employed with an Australian company. One also cannot involve in marketing goods or services to the public.

People sponsored by their family members or friends may stay with them while in Australia and can pursue a short-term course of not more than three years.

If you are looking to Travel to Australia, get in touch with Y-Axis, a leading immigration consultancy firm, to apply for a visa.


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