Stringent rules yet possible to reach the US


Foreign Nationals find the United States a feasible place to work. Initial step will be a temporary work permit after which the employment most often leads towards applying for a green card. The first step is making it to the US with an employment opportunity. And these permits have start and finish dates. If you intend to apply for an extension it is possible, provided you can apply for it very much in advance. A work visa is considered as a non-immigrant visa. The dependent spouse and children are eligible to enter the US as well.

Popular work permit visas:

An H-1B visa will be issued if the applicant receives an offer from an employer-based out in the US. A higher qualification or a bachelor’s degree is required for applying. After the USCIS approves the application the visa will be issued.

An L-1 visa is for those people whose company has an affiliation branch in the U.S. If the current working place is equal to a manager or a higher level executive’s position. Moreover a one-year working experience overseas is mandatory.

O-1 visa is for expats with extraordinary skill. An offer of employment will be issued by the employer in the U.S. based on extraordinary skill. Three key aspects to qualify for this permit is a high paid remuneration, receiver of awards and individual achievements, lastly, a personal contribution in the relevant field in a critical situation.

Q-1 visa is a temporary work permit, to take part in any form of a cultural exchange program. This category of visa is issued for 15 months.

P-1 is a temporary work permit visa authorizing applicants to perform at specific events. The validity is for one year initially; to be specific it is an event based issue. This type of visa category has visa extensions as well.

A work visa for the USA will be issued after all the visa I-129 petitions forms for visas such as H, L, O, P and Q should be approved by the USCIS. And an I-797 will be issued after the petition is approved. Before you go for the working visa interview please carry all the relevant documents with you for a successful issuance.

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