Requirements for Zambian work permit


Zambia is definitely going to be an exceptional place for expats to experience the diversified economy and a platform to create more work opportunities in various growing sectors. Zambia’s economic development is based on mining industries and mineral wealth.

The focus is on alternate resources to promote Agriculture, Hydro-power, Tourism, Gem Mining, Telecommunications, and Healthcare. This means there are growing Work Opportunities in the mentioned sectors. Banking and Information Technology likewise have opportunities for expats who have the skill and ability in the relevant fields.

The department of immigration in Zambia has drafted certain guidelines for the issuance of work permits, documents, supporting of application documents which are mandated by the labor market of Zambia.

New procedure

  • The application will be submitted to the immigration department on behalf of the employee
  • A key Zambian policy is to train a local before expat wishes to leave the country
  • The maximum validity will be based on the size of the project, stage of overall development and the mark of investment. All these factors will be analyzed by the authorities before issuing the work permit.
  • Quarterly audits will be initiated by the Immigration Permit Committee (IPC) and the Ministry of Labor
  • Companies must present the organizational structure mentioning the need of foreign nationals
  • Lastly, at the time of applying on behalf of the foreign national, the employer must present evidence that the advertisement to fill vacancies was reasonably posted for about 14 to 30 calendar days. A foreign national is considered to fill the gap only after the above-mentioned period.

Documents that will support your application

  • Attested academic certificates
  • Detailed curriculum vitae
  • Copy of the offer letter
  • Cover letter from the prospective employer
  • Complete information about the employer and duration of the contract based on which the work permit will be issued.

Expats have to be aware of the new Work Permit additional documents

  • The companies certified certification, shared capital and the list of hierarchy (Directors)
  • A detailed succession plan
  • Copy of training program which the foreign national will be receiving
  • Evidence of top two newspaper ads mentioning the need for employment. The date should be clearly visible
  • A concise copy of the selection criteria (the process of selection).
  • The employers need to present evidence meeting all the news requirements. All the new necessities must be seen on the advert.

The validity is fixed for two years. Currently, it is based on the length of the project. However, the decision lies at the discretion of the Chief Immigration Officer. A work permit will be extended to a maximum of 5 years. To prove a work permit application, it would take 10 working days.

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