Belgium Work Paths


Lot of careerists selects Belgium because of its strong economy. Another reason for going in for a Belgium work visa is the fact that its economy is integrated with Luxembourg and Netherlands. Being also the headquarters of the European Union gives it an edge.

Belgium offers three types of work permit and it all depends on each individual’s circumstances as to which one would be granted to them.

One of the work visas for Belgium work permit A, which is valid for all occupations in the country. With it, an employee can work for an employer in Belgium for any duration of time.

But getting it is difficult as one should have worked for in Belgium for four years on a type B work permit of Belgium.

But Belgian work permit B is granted only for those who work in specific occupation for a particular employer for not more than one year. This permit can, however, be renewed if one satisfies certain requirements.

On the other hand, a Belgian work permit C is issued for some foreign nationals who are residing in Belgium on a temporary basis. They could be students or people related to diplomats.


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