Why travel to Belgium


For Belgium, tourism is a crucial industry. It has a large coastline with many white sand beaches and se food available there. It houses many cathedrals and other holy places of Christianity dating back to 15th Century.  Then Antwerp is one of the main diamond trading centres of the world. While Brussels, its capital, is the headquarters of the European Union.

Though most of it tourist arrivals are from Western European countries, it attracts many from other regions of the world too for the reasons mentioned above. To get a Belgium Tourist Visa, apply for a short-term Schengen visa or C visa which allows an individual to stay there for up to 90 days.  

With a Tourist Visa to Belgium, people can enter this country to enjoy a holiday, visit friends or relatives, to take up a short course, undergo training, attend seminars or sporting event.

One must apply for this visa from a embassy of Belgium from the individual’s home country. The visa application form has to be completed in English, French, Dutch or German languages only. In addition, overseas medical insurance worth €30,000 has to cover the travellers.


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