Canada should make most of immigration, says expert


Jamison Steeve, executive director, Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity, writing in the says that while other countries are restricting the inflow of immigrants, Canada is welcoming them and treating them with kid gloves.

He adds that more can be done to improve the lives of the new entrants to Canada and the country could capitalise on the profits that their entry would bring.

Talking about their new report, immigration in Ontario:

Achieving best outcomes for newcomers and the economy, he adds it tries to contribute more calculable evidence to the debate raging in on Ontario and Canada of the immigrant’s economic contribution.

If done in a proper manner, where a proactive role is played by its federal government, the country could benefit richly from the success of immigrants, he adds.

Steeve said that their research demonstrates that if the barriers for finding jobs is reduced, they could leverage the huge economic benefits that these new immigrants were very well capable of,  as their incomes would rise by up to C$15.2 billion. This would translate into two percent of the GDP of Ontario, which would, in turn, economically benefit them, promote social well-being and increase revenues from taxes that would enhance the quality of life of the entire province.

Since a lot of new migrants opt for Ontario, it is incumbent on the province to make it more accessible to economic immigrants.

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