Popular Destination for Studies is Scotland


Scotland, a country of British Isles, was found to be having the most number of advanced degree holders in the entire continent of Europe. In addition, it has many world-class universities such as the University of Glasgow, the University of Aberdeen and the University of Edinburgh, among others. For instance, in the THE (Times Higher Education) World University rankings for the year 2011-12, five of the 20 institutions of Scotland were ranked within the top 200.

More importantly, its education system is distinct when compared with rest of the UK.  Unlike England, it along with Northern Ireland had voted to stay in the European Union, implying that it was not against foreigners studying in the country. Apart from the 15 universities, it has 43 colleges which impart higher education.

Scotland offers Saltire Scholarships for International Students looking to study there. These scholarships are available only to students of four countries, which are China, Canada, India and the US. British Chevening Scholarships are also given to students applying for a Study Visa in Scotland for pursuing postgraduate education.  These are the reasons why Scotland Study Visa is preferred by a lot of international students.

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