Criteria for acquiring long-term Schengen visas


Multiple entry national visas (D) are issued to foreigners who are students wanting to pursue studies in one of the countries in the Schengen zone as per international student exchange programmes or the exchange programmes for students that a higher educational institution which operates in a Schengen country and an overseas higher educational institution or admitted to regular or non-regular studies of a higher educational institution functioning in a Schengen country, where the duration of the studies requires at least 160 academic hours per every six months. The visa (D) in this case is issued for a duration of only up to one year.

They are also given to foreign nationals who are students and have been admitted to the continuous full-time studies in a higher educational institution running in a Schengen country and have submitted documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit in the same country. The visa (D) here is granted for a period of only up to six months from the date of submitting an application for obtaining the temporary Residence Permit in a Schengen Country.

Eligible also for the visa (D) are foreigners arriving in a Schengen country for teaching assignments at higher educational institutions or for undertaking research at the higher educational institution or research establishments. Here, the visa is granted for a maximum period of one year.

For foreign professional sportspersons or coaches coming to Schengen area to participate in sports-related activities, the Visa (D) is issued for a period of not more than one year.

For foreigners who are artists coming to one of the Schengen countries to participate in professional activities, the visa (D) is issued for a maximum period of one year.

For foreign sailors arriving by ship to this territory, the Visa (D) is issued for a maximum of one year.

For foreign nationals holding a job, which is in the shortage occupations list of a particular country in the Schengen zone, the visa (D) is issued only for a period of maximum six months from the time of filing an application for the grant of the temporary residence permit in that country.

For overseas citizens who need to visit a country in the EU or EFTA  regularly to work or participate in any legal activity the visa (D) is only issued for a period of not more than a year.

Certain foreigners whose Schengen Visa expires during their stay can stay, provided they have contracted the illness or a severe health disorder or physical ailment.

When foreign nationals arrive in this zone for a long-term stay, if their supporting documents have been found valid, the visa (D) is only issued for a maximum period of one year.

An application form that has been completely filled up with one recent color photograph in the specifications provided by the mission, reservations of airline tickets, proof of hotel reservation, a copy of foreign medical insurance policy, which is equivalent to €30,000 with validity in Schengen area. It is suggested that applicants also carry the original insurance for the purpose verification when they submit their Visa Application Forms, cover letter from applicant, detailing  the exact reason for the visit  and the period of stay in the Schengen area, an official letter from the applicant’s indicating the true purpose of travel, the proof of designation of the applicant, the monthly income of the applicant and the applicant’s  employment proof of the past six months before travel, including a letter from the employer, pay slips and so on and personal bank account statement of the applicants of at least the  last six months.

In addition to all these, the missions may at their discretion ask the applicants to furnish any other documents they feel that the need.

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