Germany is really the country where anyone can see a brighter future


Renowned for its diversity and exciting ambiance places Germany the fifth largest economy in the world. Speaking about inventions Science and Research Germany has had the longest lineage in terms of contribution towards technology modern day and advancement. Germany, by all means, is recognized as the Land of Immigrants.

Strongly pruned innovative ideas of Germany have got into the best form not just for a better today surely a brighter future. The land of the poets and thinkers it is called rightly, the reason being the best of designers, artists, actors, musicians and athletes are renowned around the world. Germany upholds trade relations with partners across the globe. Having mentioned that Global partnering is the keys to Germany’s unprecedented economic revolution equally allures the best of high skilled professionals who are immigrants from another nation.

Germany’s migrant count is one in five people. Meaning the basic proportion is even higher amongst the working population. In accordance with the growing immigration demand, the policies are made feasible and doable. The categories of Visas have different conditions and most likely are the purposes of visit.

German Student Visa

  • An acceptance letter from the university or Institution.
  • Validity of the Visa is 2 years
  • The extension will be considered upon request.
  • Financial resource to support oneself for the duration of studies
  • The extension soon after the completion can go up to 18 months.
  • 120 hours full days of work either 240 hours of half days work is allotted rather authorized for this student German Visa.

German Work Visa

To trod into Germany to work a Work Visa ought to be obtained by meeting the relevant needs. This process begins after the working office in Germany approves the application. Further to which the German Embassy will issue the applicant a residence permit in the form of a visa. This, by all means, authenticates to work in Germany, initially valid for 6 months.

Documents for the Work Visa

  • Two completed visa application forms
  • Two passport photographs according to the Visa format.
  • Letter of Intent issued by the German employer
  • Proof of residence of origin from where the application is being processed.
  • And all needed documents as per German Work Visa requisites have to be attached.

Germany Business Visa: – A trip to Germany for a business purpose with validity up to 90 days. The nationality of origin determines a visa is required or not.

Documents Needed

  • Application form fully signed and declared by the applicant
  • Two Passport photographs
  • Valid Passport
  • A copy of data page of the passport.
  • A business transaction bank statement for the past three months is required.
  • Am invite letter from the sponsoring entity, a client confirmation letter to be precise.
  • A detailed schedule of the meetings during the prolonged stay in Germany.
  • A health Insurance coverage letter in case of Medical emergency.
  • A travel Itinerary on the company letterhead.
  • Lastly evidence of residing proof during the course of stay.

German Tourist Visa

The Schengen Visa is the way to travel in Germany as a tourist in all European states. With this mentioned visa one cannot alone stay in Germany. But make it to 26 countries that are active participants in the Schengen Agreement for an extended period of 90 days.

  • There is a preferred option to either complete in English and German language.
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Valid passport
  • Bank statements periodically 3 months
  • A health issuance letter
  • Proof of accommodation
  • A leave letter from the applicant’s office if the employee
  • If the applicant is a student a no objection letter from the institution.
  • A document presenting the detailed travel Itinerary
  • A civil status certificate such as Birth and Marriage certificate are needed

Reasons for Rejection

  • A Fabricated travel document
  • The Past and present illegitimate records.
  • Unclear purpose of travel
  • Damaged passport
  • Invalid Passport
  • Travel itinerary not being attached
  • Travel and Health insurance not being valid
  • Accommodation proof not available
  • If any overstays with retrospect to the Schengen Visa
  • And holding a current Schengen visa still valid

When to Apply

The applying will be considered 90 days travel for the German visa. To avoid issuance delays it is advised to apply 3-6 in advance before travel. For a successful issuance, the documents have to be arranged in the proper order stated on the checklist.

Learning the German Language.

Irrespective of the purpose may it be to gain work experience full time or to explore the academic one ought to possess excellent good language skills. If folks surviving there are facing a tough time finding a job for themselves or getting along in Germany the key reason is a lack of language skills.

It is the responsibility of every immigrant to get acquainted with the local German Language. This will show the interest in the culture and flexibility to comply with the legislation of that country. Immigrants are also given total access across the society during the provision of stay.

Germany is basically a safe and diverse country with multiple facets. The neighborhood is reliable and conservative. Living in Germany is as good as living in the centripetal of Europe surrounded by many other countries.

Striding into a new country will be a beyond word description. To enable you to get started and accustomed to living in Germany Y-Axis would like to take those reins. To encourage you. To be successful in any type of your immigration needs.

An immigration consultant caters to the needs of an individual to have the zest to migrate to greener pastures. The processing of documents and receiving of invite letters from the sponsored employees is the key operating procedure of a successful consultant, Y-Axis is renowned for its meticulous Visa Services and our success rate speaks for itself.

The guidance prescribed by our team of experienced counselors would answer every query. We recommend taking time and walking into our nearest centers convenient to you. Needless to mention your need will be the end result you will cherish with Y-Axis.

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