Hong Kong Asia’s World city makes entry arrangements for global people to be local residents


The most successful society on earth, widely known for its recognition and emancipation Hong Kong has made a strong impression on the minds of people globally. The country is liberal and has invited people from all walks of life to flood in. Hong Kong displays great love for the motherland which is one of the reasons for its stability and prosperity.

The open immigration regime is open initial opener made feasible to all. Currently to avail this immaculate opportunity are people from 170 countries who can make the best use of this opportunity for business, social and pleasure purposes.

Interests of studying invest in a business or even a pleasure trip along with family or loved ones to experience the serenity of the gorgeous Hong Kong Applicants are required to apply for a relevant visa or an entry permit visa. This policy has the validity of the visa issued.

As a special administrative region, Hong Kong is a part of China. Even though Hong Kong has made some feasible regulations. At the same time is open to foreigners and also for those who have the creativity to start any business activity.

Basic Entry Requirements for All Foreign Visitors

  • A valid passport
  • Fill in details with relevant information on the immigration card
  • Onward and Return Tickets
  • Sufficient funds to support the stay without working
  • A clear legitimate record with no offenses recorded

Processing Time

  • The basic processing time before a visa is issued is four to six weeks
  • The application can be handled by the embassy as well
  • After the application is received it takes 4 days for the visa to be issued
  • If the applicant has opted for the visa to be expedited, the applicant will have to pay extra.

 Documents to be submitted by the applicant

  • The applicant has to solely complete with relevant information the visa form
  • Two recent photographs should be fixed with names written behind each photograph.
  • The travel document has to be photocopied and attached with the other documents
  • A travel itinerary is a mandate
  • The purpose of a visit has to be mentioned by the applicant.

                                           Synopsis for Hong Kong Visa Types


Work Visa for Hong Kong

A sponsor letter from the employer expressing the interest of hiring a foreign national to work in Hong Kong for a certain period. This validates the visa application process to permit a person into Hong Kong. While the procedure is in progress the immigration’s departments thorough checks the applicant’s educational testimonials, previous work experience that is needed for the eligibilities of that particular job vacancy. The work visa is issued for 2 years generally.

Investment Visa

This type of visa is issued for business entrepreneurs who are willing to invest a huge investment in Hon Kong. The paperwork is equally stringent which will require a detail evidence of the educational proof of the investor, professional experience, and business activities. The key factor is the details of the capital which are to be invested and the number of jobs it will create.

Dependent Visa

The dependent visa is for the spouses of the primary sponsor. Children below the age of 18 will also be considered in the dependant’s visa. Parents who are the aged 60 and above can also be considered as dependents. The Hong Kong Dependent visa also requires the sponsor to furnish details of the funds to support his or her family during their stay in Hong Kong. The benefit if for the dependent spouses as there is no restriction to be employed full or part-time.

Student Visa

The visa that still needs pruning is the student visa, yet after it is being introduced the universities have taken it upon themselves to apply for the visa on behalf

Permanent Residency

This is an opportunity for all the people who have stayed for seven years in Hong Kong. After the permanent residency is attained working anywhere in Hong Kong without a visa is considered. The most important clause is the resident should not have left Hong Kong for 3 years.

Other Types of Visas: –

A Domestic help visa valid for two years, this visa will restrict the helper to stay with the employer itself.

A Freelancers’ visa will be issued to the applicant who will have a sponsor whose letter will state what the applicant will be doing during their stay in Hong Kong.

Working Holiday Scheme visa is a limited quota system; this is valid for 12 months. This can be availed just once without any further renewals.

The Process team at Y-Axis is well-equipped with experience of the understanding to communicate with you. Our oriented services have spread across India and abroad.

We assure to support you throughout, from your application processing at the same time supporting you to choose the type of visa needed to stride into Hong Kong.

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Resource Link: – http://articles.org/hong-kong-asias-world-city-makes-entry-arrangements-for-global-people-to-be-local-residents/


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