Get an Idea of the Different Types of Visas That Singapore Offers to Indian Citizens.


Singapore, a tiny island nation in the southernmost part of Asia, is a very vibrant place in all aspects such education, trade, manufacturing, chemicals, oil refining, biomedical sciences and so on.

It also offers its citizens a great quality of life, best of opportunities, low crime rates, etc. For these very reasons, people want to work, visit, and study or do business in the Lion City.

For students, Singapore offers a student visa, which is referred to as Student Pass. Foreign students must have a student pass to pursue higher education here. Eligibility for Singapore Student Pass is an admission in a full-time study program in five universities and nine international educational institutions, which have local campuses there.

Foreign students are allowed to work up to 16 hours per week when pursuing their studies after applying for work permits. Since this island nation offers a lot for tourists, one can apply for a Singapore Tourist Visa. As India does not have a visa waiver exemption with this country, people of India need to apply for it.

The tourist visa of Singapore allows individuals to stay for up to 30 days but is valid for up to two years. This is a multiple-entry visa for which you have to show proof that you have booked a confirmed return ticket by air. People who are traveling for the first time need to attach IT papers of the past three years in addition to bank statements of the immediate past three months. For people who are seeking to work there, there are four types of Singapore work visas. They are Employment Pass (EP), Personalized Employment Pass (PEP), S Pass and Work Permit.

The first two are for highly skilled workers, while S Pass is issued to mid-skilled workers and Work Permit to unskilled workers.

The Singapore Investor Visa, known as the Global Investment Program, allows high-net-worth individuals to obtain Permanent Residence of this country for themselves and their families. In order for this, one has to invest at least SG$2.5 million. The money can be put into a startup, an existing company or in a GIP fund. Also known as EntrePass, it is given to an entrepreneur, who is allowed 30 days to incorporate a new company. It allows entrepreneurs to apply for Permanent Residence two years after their success in executing their plan. An entrepreneur has to create a minimum of four jobs for Singapore natives and has to own 30 percent of the shares of the organization.

The Singapore Dependent Pass allows people holding a work visa of this country to take their spouses and children along with them to live there. To be eligible for this visa, the work visa holders should be earning at least SG$5,000. Children accompanying their parents should be less than 21 years old. Only the work visa holder’s company or a visa agent acting on the behest of work visa holder’s employers can apply for this visa. Initially, Dependent Pass is issued for two years, but it can be extended based on the validity of the work visa. Work visa holders who possess PEP, EP and S Pass can only take their dependent along with them.

If you want to employ to any of the aforementioned visas, get in touch with Y-Axis, a preeminent visa consultancy company, to apply for a visa that is appropriate for you from one if its several offices spread across the world.


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