To Immigrate to a Country of Your Choice, get an Investor Visa


A sure-fire way of becoming a permanent resident of one of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries is by obtaining an investor visa in a country where you desire to spend the rest of your life. By investing an amount specified by each country, Investor Visa allows you to immigrate to another country.

Most sought after among the investor visas is the EB-5 visa offered by the United States. It is not difficult to figure out why. It has a good quality of life, houses world-class educational institutions and is a multi-cultural society where people belonging to different countries and religious affiliations are welcomed. Apart from that, this North America country collectively decides which would be the trends of the world and way the global economy is headed. In short, it is a microcosm of the globe. It is also home to Hollywood, the film capital of the world; Silicon Valley, the IT hub of the world; best research institutions for different disciplines in sciences and humanities and more.

To get it, the primary requirement is that the prospective immigrant must invest at least $1 million in the US to set up a new commercial enterprise or alternately $500,000 if the amount is committed in a specific employment zone. It also requires an individual to create at least 10 full-time jobs for Native Americans within two years of the completion of the investment.

The United Kingdom still continues to be popular for aspiring migrants, Brexit referendum notwithstanding.  It is largely due to the charm that London, its capital city, exudes. It has been one of the world’s premier financial hubs for quite some time now along with New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The Investor visa to get into this island country in the European continent is named Tier 1. This visa requires people to invest at least £2 million over a period of three years.

Canada is one country where a lot of investors are, in fact, being inveigled into because of the decidedly most immigrant-friendly policies in the world – an initiative of its present federal government. You can get a Canadian immigration visa by investing C$800,000 over five years. It allows individuals to stay in any Canadian territory or province barring Quebec.  According to the OECD report, some good reasons to settle in Canada are:

Household income, which is higher than the OECD average can be earned in this North American country; housing is more comfortable when compared to the US; work-life balance is also quite good; and so on.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a quieter yet an economically thriving place to live in, New Zealand is also a good destination to head to. Its investor visa, which is presently priced at NZ$1.5 million, would be hiked to NZ$3 million starting from May 2017. The advantages that this country offers include low crime rate, excellent infrastructure, and pleasant quality of life, less population, among others.

Australia too offers similar advantages that its neighbor New Zealand does. To migrate to the country Down Under, there are various investor visa programs such as Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 188), Permanent Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 888), Investor visa (subclass 891) and State/Territory Sponsored Investor visa (subclass 893). It also varies from state to state here. But with a sum of A$1.5 million, you can get into Australia with a visa under the normal investor stream.

Belgium offers Business  Residence Program for €200,000, while France charges €10 million for French investor program, which allows investors residence for 10 years.

If you want to make Spain your home, get ready to invest €500,000 in real estate. The property can be either residential or commercial.

If you want to head to Portugal, you can do so through its Golden Visa program, which requires an investment of €500,000 in real estate in the Iberian country. Here too, the property you invest in can be either commercial or residential. To settle in Austria on an investor visa, you need to spend anywhere between €3 million and €10 million.

Antigua and Barbuda charge $250,000 for citizenship by investment, of which $50,000 the government fee. The Bahamas offers you a permanent residency status on economic investment of $500,000.

For more details on investor visas and their processes, contact Y-Axis, India’s premier Immigration Consultancy firm, to understand how one can apply for it in a methodical manner.

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