Australia Emerges as the Most Thriving Nation for Immigrants in the World


Out of the 195 sovereign nations in the world, 90 nations are a home to a crucial 10 million residents who are Overseas Immigrants. The statistics of a nation’s population that is born overseas is tracked by the United Nations.

Australia has emerged as the most thriving nation for immigrants across the world with its immigration population proportion going as high as 28%. This implies that almost 7 million out of 24 million Australian nationals were born abroad. If the percentage of Australian nationals with one of their parent born overseas is added to this, the percentage goes as high as 40%.

These statistics point out to a vital truth regarding Australia and its nationals – that there is no other country in the world that has been as liberal as Australia when it comes to assimilating immigrants.

Usually, Melbourne and Sydney are the two cities through which Immigrants arrive in Australia and get absorbed within groups formed by familial and tribal bonds. But the idea of arriving in Melbourne and getting absorbed in its clusters also has a very practical approach to it. It has good availability of language, shops, churches, and schools.

By the time Australia advanced to the second generation, it witnessed that the immigrants get assimilated very well into its urban areas.  Italians in Carlton were engaged in creating treasured properties such as Fawkner and Keilor in the late 1908s while their children born in Australia were active participants of the regeneration of the inner realms of the city.

While the Italians and Greeks were absorbed in the Australian society they were also engaged drastically modifying the culture in Australia resulting in a fusion of Anglo-Mediterranean.

20,000 people are residing in Horsham of west Victoria. It is as white bread a group that you can imagine and nevertheless, around 10% of its inhabitants were born abroad. Compare it with Pittsburgh of the US with its 4% and Horsham invariably is more cosmopolitan comparatively.

The previous census of Australia revealed that almost 42% of the population in Sydney was born abroad.

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