Germany warmly welcomes to be a part of its globally influenced quality of life


A decision once made to travel to Germany, would open the preliminary step to check with the required documents. Initially to apply for a visa, and what kind it is, and the documents needed to apply. All these primarily steps depend upon two prominent factors: The Country where we hail from and the purpose of relocation.

Traveling to Germany these days has been eased irrespective of the purpose of travel. The year 1985 has been an absolute opener. Due to the Schengen agreement majority of the member of the EU states are allowed to stride visa-free among the Schengen Territories.

The Schengen visa permits to stay within the Schengen area up to 90 days. The German Visa issued does not necessarily include a residence permit nor does it act as an authorization to permit work during the stay.

The very purpose of traveling to Germany enables three different visas that would comply with the occasion. It might be a visit visa temporary, a student visa to pursue higher studies from recognized and renowned universities or may be to work or reside permanently. All these visas needs are to be brought under one umbrella a Schengen visa accordingly.

All that is recommended is communicating your needs towards your goals aptly. And opt for an evident based program through the Germany Immigration platform. Undoubtedly immigration is fairly an individual based decision. Germany Cordially is making that feasibility as much as possible instead of stringent policies and regulations.Appointment to process the application for the German Visa is mandated. And prior to that procedure their certain requirements.

Passport for German Immigration

  • A valid passport is considered high priority.
  • The validity of the passport needs to extend the visa duration at least by 3 months.
  • There has to t=be two blank pages
  • 10 years prior to the applying the passport ought to be issued which is a general regulation. Else there are chances of denial with revoke.
  • If there is an extension which is authorized by the officials of the country of origin where the passport was issued then that authenticates
  • If by any chance there are certain loopholes where the passport is not in this mentioned criterion, it is advised to re-apply for a new passport.

German Visa Requirements

  • The Vis application has to be filled accurately by the applicant with full detailed information without leaving any blank spaces.
  • Recommended text for the application fill up would be Capital letter. Thus handwriting would not be a constraint.
  • The validity of the passport has to be six months while applying for a Schengen Visa for Germany.
  • Two latest photos have to be attested as per the requirement.
  • A proof of accommodation during the stay in Germany has to clip with the other documents while processing for the Germany Visa.
  • Tickets of return is required
  • A travel health insurance is mandated in case of any health emergency as per the regulation of the Schengen Immigration
  • Apparently, a Bank statement for a maximum of 3 months is needed.

Documentation needs for German Visas

  • A formal invite letter of any sort from a sponsor or relative is needed for the German Tourist Visa
  • A letter of approval from the opted university or institution is needed for a German Student Visa.
  • An evidence of financial status for a student is equally mandated for the time being in Germany during the course progress
  • For a German Business Visa a formal invitation letter from the parties already a resident of Germany, fully explaining the purpose of visit.
  • An Employment’s Visa needs to have the authorization of an employer’s

Germany Visa Costs depends upon the type if Visa being applied and the motive of travel. One Single German Visa authorizes to explore quite mostly the majority of Europe. Germany has been deemed the best country in the world.

A country’s progress in the areas of Economy, Cultural Impact, Entrepreneurship and Business Transactions all of these occur on a monetary friendly basis. Considering these factors Germany outstands par Canada and the United Kingdom to make it to the top spot amongst the Best Inaugural countries.

Germany outstands because of its Impact Globally and the upscale quality of life it provides. And opting to experience the likewise would be one unprecedented choice. Haste not fast forward your credentials and experience the same response from your closest Y-Axis center accessible in your town.

Applying, Processing, Invite letters, Order of documents all of these is our Job and years of expertise and experience has placed Y-Axis as a Pioneer Immigration consultant.

                                               Intuitive are our services, Reliable are our results


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