Things You Should Know Before Migrating To Ireland: Y-Axis


Ireland, a country in the North Atlantic, just off Great Britain, made progress from being a country subsisting predominantly on its agrarian economy to become a member state of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ), in other words a developed nation.

Its human development indices (HDIs) have also surged particularly when you consider education, quality of life, healthcare, etc. Life expectancy at birth in the Republic of Ireland is an impressive 81 years as against an average in the OECD of 80 years. To enter the Emerald Isle, as the county is also referred to, UK nationals, citizens of member states of the EEA (European Economic Area), Australia, Canada, the US and New Zealand do not need visas.

But citizens of from all other nations should apply for an Ireland Visa at the Irish Embassy or consulates located in their country. If you want to enter Ireland only once, your visa costs €60, multiple-entry visa cost €100 and transit visa is priced €25.

Ireland Immigration is not tough as it is to the United Kingdom or the United Kingdom. When you apply for a visa make sure that, you provide all the necessary information to the visa offer before the application is processed.

If the Ireland Visa Application has been received by the authorities, it may be sent to the Department of Justice and Law Reform, which is located in Ireland capital, Dublin. At times, this process may delay your visa application for many weeks, but you have to remember that the department, on its part, strives to process applications expeditiously.

For an Ireland Visa, you should request a minimum of eight weeks before you go there. You could apply online too, but original documents must be sent by post. When applying for a student visa, you need to show that you are qualified enough for the course you are applying for, apart from the amount for your tuition fees, you need to have at least €7,000 in your bank account, – the amount needed for staying in Ireland for one academic year, your educational institution must offer at least 15 hours of classes per week, certificate showing that you have adequate proficiency in English (except when you are applying for an English language course in the Emerald isle) and confirmation that you intend to return to your home country once you have completed your studies.

You need to submit all your documentation that should be sent with a notarised translation. Make sure that it is not illegible or in a bad shape. Send all the documentation that is requested by the immigration authorities as your application may be rejected if it is incomplete. There are various types of visas to Visit Ireland. For instance, there is a specific category for doctors who are permanently or temporarily registered. Each category of visa has its different documentation requirements. For an Ireland Employment Visa, you must submit an application form, a passport valid for at least a year, a work permit and with all the requisite details, including the salary you would be drawing and the previous evidences of your work experience along with pay slips.

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