Know the requirements to study in Australia


Australia a popular overseas destination for quality based higher studies with over 22,000 courses facilitated in 1100 institutions. It is an assurance that you will find a course affordable of your choice. Study in Australia is renowned as the country that offers world class education with a feasible platform for post work opportunities.

The living expenses depend on which region you will be placed. And best way to compensate will be to work while you are studying this will make it worthwhile to study in Australia.

A successful visa application process will depend on how well your documents are aligned. Especially your letter of interest will be the first and key step. Then comes the language proficiency eligibility. Last but not least the financial evidence which will support the living expenses and affordability to pay the tuition fees.

A study abroad consultant will be aware of the changing trends with immigration policies and will inform you the same for you to be successful in your every stride as student before you make it to Australia.

Belgium Work Paths


Lot of careerists selects Belgium because of its strong economy. Another reason for going in for a Belgium work visa is the fact that its economy is integrated with Luxembourg and Netherlands. Being also the headquarters of the European Union gives it an edge.

Belgium offers three types of work permit and it all depends on each individual’s circumstances as to which one would be granted to them.

One of the work visas for Belgium work permit A, which is valid for all occupations in the country. With it, an employee can work for an employer in Belgium for any duration of time.

But getting it is difficult as one should have worked for in Belgium for four years on a type B work permit of Belgium.

But Belgian work permit B is granted only for those who work in specific occupation for a particular employer for not more than one year. This permit can, however, be renewed if one satisfies certain requirements.

On the other hand, a Belgian work permit C is issued for some foreign nationals who are residing in Belgium on a temporary basis. They could be students or people related to diplomats.

Why travel to Belgium


For Belgium, tourism is a crucial industry. It has a large coastline with many white sand beaches and se food available there. It houses many cathedrals and other holy places of Christianity dating back to 15th Century.  Then Antwerp is one of the main diamond trading centres of the world. While Brussels, its capital, is the headquarters of the European Union.

Though most of it tourist arrivals are from Western European countries, it attracts many from other regions of the world too for the reasons mentioned above. To get a Belgium Tourist Visa, apply for a short-term Schengen visa or C visa which allows an individual to stay there for up to 90 days.  

With a Tourist Visa to Belgium, people can enter this country to enjoy a holiday, visit friends or relatives, to take up a short course, undergo training, attend seminars or sporting event.

One must apply for this visa from a embassy of Belgium from the individual’s home country. The visa application form has to be completed in English, French, Dutch or German languages only. In addition, overseas medical insurance worth €30,000 has to cover the travellers.

Canada should make most of immigration, says expert


Jamison Steeve, executive director, Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity, writing in the says that while other countries are restricting the inflow of immigrants, Canada is welcoming them and treating them with kid gloves.

He adds that more can be done to improve the lives of the new entrants to Canada and the country could capitalise on the profits that their entry would bring.

Talking about their new report, immigration in Ontario:

Achieving best outcomes for newcomers and the economy, he adds it tries to contribute more calculable evidence to the debate raging in on Ontario and Canada of the immigrant’s economic contribution.

If done in a proper manner, where a proactive role is played by its federal government, the country could benefit richly from the success of immigrants, he adds.

Steeve said that their research demonstrates that if the barriers for finding jobs is reduced, they could leverage the huge economic benefits that these new immigrants were very well capable of,  as their incomes would rise by up to C$15.2 billion. This would translate into two percent of the GDP of Ontario, which would, in turn, economically benefit them, promote social well-being and increase revenues from taxes that would enhance the quality of life of the entire province.

Since a lot of new migrants opt for Ontario, it is incumbent on the province to make it more accessible to economic immigrants.

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Pursuing Studies in Belgium


Belgium, north of France and west of Germany, is a Western Europe country, which is a highly educated country. Almost all of its population is said to be literate. Though the Dutch and French are spoken by most of the Belgians, it has a sizeable minority of Germans too.

To get a Belgium Study Visa, one need to be enrolled in an approved educational institution of the country, have sufficient money to live there and have medical insurance.  Along with some other documentation and application form, one has to apply a visa at Belgian embassy/consulate.

The procedure to obtain a visa for Belgium varies depending on the Belgian consulate or embassy. Other documents one might have to need are a police certificate confirming that one has no cases registered against that individual in his/her homeland. One needs to apply for an equivalence certificate to be admitted to a diploma or certificate in a French educational institution and a letter describing briefly the courses that the educational institution one is joining in to correlate them with courses organised in the individual’s home country. These will suffice one to be eligible get a Student Visa to Belgium.

Career counselling makes ways for a successful US student visa


The most popular sought after student destination is the US for higher education. Over 4000 top class institutions have attracted students from all parts of the world. To acquire a gateway to the US a student will need a USA F1 visa to be stamped at least 4 months before the course commencing.

And a student needs to be aware of the documents needed which will take the time to gather. Study abroad consultants make sure to keep you posted about the I20 status and play a role in receiving it from the university which is prominent for USA student visa requirements.

Moreover, counselling has an add-on in preparing the student to face any sort of interview type may it be with the college management or the visa consulate. Processing, Documentation, Counselling all of this happens to be successful in a USA student visa interview which will be a unanimous goal achieved.

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Obtaining study visas will be less rigorous with career counseling


Traveling abroad fascinates everyone may it for studies or even working. These days’ students choose institutions for studies and work opportunities after the successful completion of studies. Students fret especially at the verge of their studies which course to opt next and the steps they should be taking to reach popular destinations to obtain higher education.

A Study Visa is a golden gateway which is one milestone every students aims to obtain on their passports. Beginning from documentation to standardized tests each and every step will be guided to you if you rely on career counselors who have the experience of making overseas studies achievable.

A Study Visa in USA enables a student to take up a full-time course may it be for masters or even bachelor’s degree. More over part-time work will help the student sustain themselves. Likewise Study in New Zealand is another affordable pathway where students have travelled from across the globe to make their dreams true. These days affordability of education differs from country-country.

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