Seeking help of overseas job consultants can be of great help for your overseas career launch


Seeking-help-of-overseas-job-consultants-can-be-of-great-help-for-your-overseas-career-launchThe process of obtaining an Overseas Job can be really tedious, something which any international job seeker will be aware of. However, thanks to the international overseas consultants Chennai, the process becomes less complex.

The reasons for seeking international Overseas Services Chennai are numerous. There is no restriction on location and you can seek a job in any global destination through their assistance. The top overseas job consultants will market your profile to diverse international employers. They also regularly receive fresh opportunities and job listings.

Expertise is another factor that is of great assistance when it comes to overseas job consultants. They would have helped thousands of individuals to obtain jobs internationally in diverse domains. Job consultancy in Chennai provides total visa services for work permits of several nations.

There is no dearth of global jobs and overseas firms that seek skilled immigrants to cater to labor market shortages. However, there is not equally qualified staff available to fill these vacancies. The trends in overseas placements are quite the opposite of the scenario that prevailed a few years ago. It can get really intimidating to find a job in the international labor market. This is where the role of overseas consultants becomes more crucial, as quoted by the X Tech Staffing.

Experienced and skilled consultants at the overseas consultancy can make the whole difference to the launch of your overseas career.  Having acquired rich experience after handling thousands of cases similar to that of yours, they can bring that extra edge to your overseas job search. From giving inputs regarding most favorable overseas destination to the right kind of visa, a whole gamut of services will be at your disposal.

One more great advantage of obtaining services from overseas consultants is their surpassing of red tape. They would also help you navigate through the entire process of visa application and processing.

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How to go about applying for US visa


There are different types of US visas which are given to people depending on what their intent to go to the US is.

If people want to Study in the US, they have to apply either for F-1 or M-1 visas. Most common, however, is F-1 visa. It is taken by people who want pursue higher education in conventional courses.

Firstly, students have get USA visa applications in order to get into a school, college or a university. If applicants have been accepted for admission to study full-time, the concerned institution will send them an I-20 Form, a document which acts as the application for an F-1 visa.

Following that, they need to visit the Embassy or Consulate of the United States in their home countries. It has to be ensured by the visa aspirants that the names and spellings on their passports are exactly the same as they were in their school and college certificates.

Their names then have to be submitted to obtain a security clearance. Here, it must be told to people planning to apply that they would have to spend a lot of time on their process of obtaining visas for USA. It is, after all, a turning point in their careers.

The next thing is to schedule an appointment for their visa interviews and to pay the fees or it.

Student Visas for USA can be issued up to four months prior to the date on their form I-20s.

In addition, it has to be noted that a non-immigrant visa application form (DS-160) has also be filled in completely and must be submitted online.

The next stage is the visa process stage where it is mandatory for applicants to apply for their visas much ahead of the date when their courses commence.

The next part, which is one of the toughest, is to prepare for visa interviews. It is suggested that aspirants apply three months before the planned date of travelling to America.

This is to take into consideration untoward delays at US missions, or if people are refused visas, they have enough time to appeal for it.

The visa official who interviews the students poses them tough questions in order to understand why they have chosen to study in the US in their specializations. They would not like to hear perfunctory replies. The responses should be precise and convincing.

They also need to explain in detail information about the institutions they would be joining and also the arrangements they have made for their stay there.

Moreover, people intending to study to should show that they have adequate financial resources to cover them for their stay and study expenses. Here, people being sponsored by a family member, who is already in the US or an institution in their home countries, have an edge over the others.

If parents or guardians are paying for their education, they should show they would be able to do with proper documentation of their earning or assets.

Another most important aspect of these interviews is being able to convince consular officials that people have an ‘intent to return’ to their homes.

Documents that people must keep ready while applying for an US visa are:

Original passport and if they have had any old passports, their details should mentioned clearly.

Passports with a validity of minimum six months from the date of visa submission should be held by them. At least three pages must be left blank in these passports for the visas to be stamped.

The applicants should also have their visa application forms that they have filled.

Two passport-sized photographs, which should have been taken recently against a white background with matte-finish.

Covering letters mentioning travel details, information about people travelling.

In addition, applicants need to submit letters of enrollment from their institutions.

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How can one get a student visa to US?


There are two types of Student Visas available for people wanting to pursue education in the United States. F1 visa is for people want to pursue academic studies and M visa is issued to people who are undertaking vocational or nonacademic studies.

The initial step for applying for an F1 Student Visa is to be acceptance for enrolment from an educational institution that is SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) certified.

Following that, interviewees for F1 Student Visas need to be ready with their Forms I-20, SEVIS I-901 receipts, signed passports, educational certificates from where they have passed out, description of course, information of accommodation, proof of having sufficient funds to meet their expenses of tuition fees, food, accommodation, medical expenses and so on.

They should also carry certificates of the English proficiency tests they undertook (TOEFL, IELTS or PTE). If you are looking to study in the US, get in touch with Y-Axis, a topnotch consultant for immigration services, to apply for a visa.

Intro to obtaining America study visa


The American Student Visa allows international students to study in the schools, colleges and universities in the United States. If a student is heading to the US on an academic visa, i.e. as a student, one must apply for an F-1 student visa.

To be eligible for it, a student should be enrolled in course, which is full-time.  Only a course which has a minimum of 18 hours study per week is accepted as full time. To apply for an American visa in the student category, applicants need to show evidence that they can support themselves during their study tenure and also be able to convince the immigration officials that their intention of going to the land of opportunities is only to pursue studies. With the American visa application, applicants have to also produce good health and character certificates.

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Visiting Australia on tourist visa from India


To visit Australia on a tourist visa, you need to get a Visitor Visa for Australia from its High Commission located in Delhi or one of its Consulate Generals, which are located in Mumbai and Chennai.

Beginning July 1, 2017, Australia has announced that Australian tourist visa for Indian passport holders can be obtained online. This decision was taken by OZ authorities after they recognized that India was among their top ten sources for tourists. Given that a large number of Indian immigrants live in that country, many of their close relatives or friends go to visit them. Besides that, a lot of Indian tourists visit Australia for leisure. It has got a huge coastline, and most of its large cities are on the coasts. Therefore, beaches and seafood are one of its major attractions. Australia is also popular for its wildlife tourism. Since it is a cricketing nation, Indians would like to go there to watch cricket matches as well. Nightlife is very vibrant in that country and it compares with the US, Canada or any of the countries in Western Europe.

For the adventure tourists, it is a godsend, as skiing, snowboarding, trekking, et al are available.  Of course, since it is a powerful economy, a lot of business travellers from India go there to attend expos, seminars, business meetings and so on.

Australian Tourist Visa is known as the ‘Visitor Visa- subclass 600’. It has replaced Sponsored Family Visitor visa (subclass 679), Tourist visa (subclass 676), Sponsored Business Visitor (Short Stay) visa (subclass 459) and Business (Short Stay) visa (subclass 456). A temporary visa, it has four streams. Tourist stream is for people who want to travel Australia to enjoy a holiday (leisure) or to visit family and friends. When one applies for this visa in Australia, during the time of its decision the individual must be in Down Under. Likewise, if it is applied for outside Australia, the applicant needs to be outside Australia when the visa decision is taken.

Business Visitor stream is for people heading to Oz for a short business trip. It could be for attending a seminar, meeting or a negotiation. Here, the individual needs to be outside Australia when applying for it and also when the decision on that person’s visa is being taken. People applying for his visa need to be sponsored by a permanent resident or citizen of Australia who could be asked to provide a bond. One cannot apply for another visa while staying in Australia.

Here are the Australian tourist visa requirements: applicants must submit a notarized copy of all pages of their current passports, including the bio-data page, amendments page and back page of the passport.

If agents are advising applicants lodges applications on their behalf, Form 956 Advice should be provided by migration agents. Submit the Australia tourist visa form along with the above documents.

If applicants want proxies to receive correspondence from the immigration department on their behalf, Form 956 an Appointment should be provided with the payment of the charges of visa application. Alternatively, they should provide certain documents to show that they do not need to pay the charges. In addition, one passport sized photograph taken recently should be attached to the application form. These photographs should have been shot against a plain background. Contact your immigration agent, Consulate or Embassy to know about the Australian tourist visa processing time.

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Australian study visa application process


If people want to Study in Australia, they must get an Australian student visa. For that, they should impress upon the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) that the do met al the visa requirements necessary for a student entering that country.

One is the GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirement, financial health of the applicants, certificates proving that they are proficient in English (IELTS or PTE exam certificates) and that they are in robust health – by undergoing a medical examination in their county – and have no criminal records against their names.

Applicants have to complete a student visa application form, then pay the fee for visa application and finally attend an interview, where the immigration authorities take a call on whether to grant a visa

Stated in the GTE requirement must be the visa applicants’ ability to show that they are heading to study in Australia purely for purposes of study.

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Obtaining tourist visa to Portugal

Obtaining tourist visa to Portugal

Portugal, a country in the southwestern Europe, is popular with tourists. It main attractions are beaches, seafood, nautical tourism and so on. To get a Tourist Visa to Portugal, one has to apply for a normal Schengen tourist visa.

But when you apply for a Portugal Schengen visa, you must maintain that your main travel destination is Portugal. It also should be your first point of entry in the Schengen zone.

Portugal Tourist Visa, however, allows you to travel to Paris or Munich as well. To obtain  this visa you have fill Schengen visa application form in blue ink and sign it. Do not forget to include all the information required by its immigration authorities,. You can apply for it online too.

You should have a passport with a validity of at least three months after the visa application date. Two passport sized photographs should be attached along with a covering letter where the applicant needs to mention his/her intention of travel to Portugal. If you are looking to apply for a tourist visa to Portugal, get in touch with Y-Axis, a premier immigration consultancy agency.