Australian study visa application process


If people want to Study in Australia, they must get an Australian student visa. For that, they should impress upon the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) that the do met al the visa requirements necessary for a student entering that country.

One is the GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirement, financial health of the applicants, certificates proving that they are proficient in English (IELTS or PTE exam certificates) and that they are in robust health – by undergoing a medical examination in their county – and have no criminal records against their names.

Applicants have to complete a student visa application form, then pay the fee for visa application and finally attend an interview, where the immigration authorities take a call on whether to grant a visa

Stated in the GTE requirement must be the visa applicants’ ability to show that they are heading to study in Australia purely for purposes of study.

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Obtaining tourist visa to Portugal

Obtaining tourist visa to Portugal

Portugal, a country in the southwestern Europe, is popular with tourists. It main attractions are beaches, seafood, nautical tourism and so on. To get a Tourist Visa to Portugal, one has to apply for a normal Schengen tourist visa.

But when you apply for a Portugal Schengen visa, you must maintain that your main travel destination is Portugal. It also should be your first point of entry in the Schengen zone.

Portugal Tourist Visa, however, allows you to travel to Paris or Munich as well. To obtain  this visa you have fill Schengen visa application form in blue ink and sign it. Do not forget to include all the information required by its immigration authorities,. You can apply for it online too.

You should have a passport with a validity of at least three months after the visa application date. Two passport sized photographs should be attached along with a covering letter where the applicant needs to mention his/her intention of travel to Portugal. If you are looking to apply for a tourist visa to Portugal, get in touch with Y-Axis, a premier immigration consultancy agency.

Visa for visiting Australia

Visa for visiting Australia

The Australian Visitor Visa (sub class 600), which allows people to visit Australia for leisure or for doing business, is granted for up to three months/six months/one year. The base application fee for this visa is $135 to $340

Eligible for this visa are people who want to enter Oz as a tourist, for doing business and to visit friends and family who might be living there.

If you are a tourist in Australia, you can enjoy the beaches, nightlife in cities or even wildlife tourism.

While in Australia for doing business with this visa, one can participate in transactions, but must not work for or be partially employed with an Australian company. One also cannot involve in marketing goods or services to the public.

People sponsored by their family members or friends may stay with them while in Australia and can pursue a short-term course of not more than three years.

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Stringent rules yet possible to reach the US


Foreign Nationals find the United States a feasible place to work. Initial step will be a temporary work permit after which the employment most often leads towards applying for a green card. The first step is making it to the US with an employment opportunity. And these permits have start and finish dates. If you intend to apply for an extension it is possible, provided you can apply for it very much in advance. A work visa is considered as a non-immigrant visa. The dependent spouse and children are eligible to enter the US as well.

Popular work permit visas:

An H-1B visa will be issued if the applicant receives an offer from an employer-based out in the US. A higher qualification or a bachelor’s degree is required for applying. After the USCIS approves the application the visa will be issued.

An L-1 visa is for those people whose company has an affiliation branch in the U.S. If the current working place is equal to a manager or a higher level executive’s position. Moreover a one-year working experience overseas is mandatory.

O-1 visa is for expats with extraordinary skill. An offer of employment will be issued by the employer in the U.S. based on extraordinary skill. Three key aspects to qualify for this permit is a high paid remuneration, receiver of awards and individual achievements, lastly, a personal contribution in the relevant field in a critical situation.

Q-1 visa is a temporary work permit, to take part in any form of a cultural exchange program. This category of visa is issued for 15 months.

P-1 is a temporary work permit visa authorizing applicants to perform at specific events. The validity is for one year initially; to be specific it is an event based issue. This type of visa category has visa extensions as well.

A work visa for the USA will be issued after all the visa I-129 petitions forms for visas such as H, L, O, P and Q should be approved by the USCIS. And an I-797 will be issued after the petition is approved. Before you go for the working visa interview please carry all the relevant documents with you for a successful issuance.

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Work in a profound environment overseas


Finding a job overseas will take some extra effort and time. But if you are flexible to work in any condition then a job overseas will always benefit your career. Moreover, an intention to work overseas shows that, as a person, you like to accept challenges and that you are willing to learn new things.

A Work Visa is based on the documents and the kind of job you have obtained. The fact is, these days’ regulations are streamlined for a work permit visa. Once you begin the application process the USCIS verifies your request and then goes ahead to issue an approval for a work permit.

A work visa for the USA has a few categories such as H-1B, L-1, O-1, Q-1, and P-1 each category has its own benefit and eligibility. All you have to do is seeing to that your skills are on par with the skills in demand.

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Opportunities plus abilities equal ways to go abroad


Migrating to a new country is all about planning diligently and obtaining a job that suits your likes and abilities. Moving to another country is making use of the plenty of opportunities set before you. The result is where you gain skill and international experience, which looks great on your resume.

Moreover, if you travel alone you will be self-dependent and will be adaptable to new circumstances. Since a decade perhaps more than that, increasingly people are migrating to different parts of the world. Countries with gaining popularity are the United Kingdom, the US, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Denmark and Spain. At the same time Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, China, Nigeria, and Zambia are attracting international expats who have skill and experience. Moreover, Job Opportunities Abroad are driven my changes in immigration policies as well, at times feasible, at times stringent. As the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Most of the countries that offer opportunities to international workers from fields such as IT, Construction, Audit & Finance, Health sectors, Banking & Insurance, Teaching & Training, Engineering, Mining, Sales& Marketing, Programmers last but not least Hospitality & Management sector. Employers have set certain eligibility to enhance the standard of bringing competent and exceptional talent. Above all the local labor unions are involved in approving applications to fill Job Vacancies Abroad.

To secure a Job Opportunity Abroad career counselors have relevant information and the ability to guide accordingly. A skills assessment is taken, after which the results will talk about each efficiency, interests, experience, and values. Each day that will pass by will offer you something constructive for you to take away. It will help you to boost your confidence and enhance the level of communication as well.

Marketing a profile according to the market need and convincing the employer that you are a suitable entity is possible for Overseas Job Consultants. Your interview is scheduled for which you will be well prepared and groomed to face any level of competition. More opportunities equal competition and demand. There is one good aspect, even when failed attempts come your way. Career counselors suggest you with alternatives and backup plans. This will boost your morale and you will keep going ahead till you secure a job overseas.

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Things to know before visiting Czech Republic


If you want to apply for a tourist visa to Czech Republic, you need to apply for Schengen short-term visa, which allows visitors to stay there for up to 90 days.

For this Central European country, tourism is a major revenue earner. Prague, its capital city, is one of its major attractions. With a Czech Republic tourist visa, one can visit World Heritage sites. It also has offers fun and health wellness sites. It also holds the Czech Beer Festival every year in the month of May lasting 17 days.

On the other hand, Prague is considered one of the safest places for tourists. Then this country has exclusive spa towns, including Karlovy Vary, Jáchymov, Mariánské Lázně, etc. one can also holiday in one of its mountainous regions.  The processing time for Tourist Visas to the Visit Czech Republic is around 15 days.

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